Benefits of the IB Diploma

The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive international curriculum with an emphasis on critical thinking, intercultural understanding, citizenry and extracurricular activities. Students are exposed to a broad range of subjects, but study subjects in great depth. The ultimate benefit of this program is that IB graduates are literate, articulate, adaptable, confident young adults with expertise in at least two languages and a global understanding of issues.

In addition to just wanting to participate in this excellent program, many students take the IB Diploma to improve their chances of university admission. Graduates of the IB Diploma Programme consistently perform well at university. Because of this, the IB Diploma graduates are increasingly sought out by universities in Canada, the United States, and further abroad. At some universities, graduates with an IB Diploma may receive preferred entrance status, scholarships and advanced credit or transfer credits for IB courses in which sufficiently high results were achieved. Many Canadian universities have entrance scholarships created specifically to attract IB Diploma graduates.

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